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The Teaching & Creativity Center is an innovative initiative supported by the Monroe Community College Administration and Faculty members. The Center's mission is to inspire and enable faculty to enhance teaching potential and effectiveness such that students are more likely to achieve desired learning outcomes. The TCC will promote the scholarship of teaching and promote the principles and practices of teaching at the individual, departmental and college-wide level at MCC. It is our hope to create an environment for faculty to exchange ideas and resources, be assisted with course and lesson development, and have the opportunity to learn new skills.

The Center will provide new programs, initiatives and incentives, and tie these to the values, vision, mission, goals and objectives of MCC. The TCC will be a tool available to all MCC faculty and staff as they meet the challenges and changes in the new millennium.

Jonathan Iuzzini, TCC Coordinator

MCC Brighton Campus
Bldg. 12, Room 201
e-mail Neeta Primo:

MCC Damon City Campus
Room # 5091
e-mail Julie Damerell:

TCC Logo 2012:

Logo designed by Christina Shults, MCC student, class of 2012

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