Monroe Community College

Academic Honesty

According to the MCC Catalog & Student Handbook, cheating includes any activity which gives a student an unfair advantage in the classroom or on a test. It doesn’t matter whether you actually used this advantage or whether or not it actually made a difference in your grade. Students who provide information to others are just as guilty as students who receive that information.

Any cheating in the Learning Center will be reported to your course instructor, and all instances of cheating that affect your grade will be reported in writing to the Vice President for Student Services and will be included in your permanent file. Further disciplinary action, such as receiving a failing grade in the course, may also be taken. Any use of an electronic device during a test, whether in class or in the learning center, will result in a zero for that test.

Because attendance in PSY 101 may positively benefit your grade score, it is expressly forbidden to misrepresent your attendance in class, for example, by signing in for another student.

Students should read and understand the college policy on academic honesty as published in the college catalog. As students, you will be expected to uphold these standards.

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