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Tests and Grading in PSY 101

Introductory Psychology at MCC (PSY 101) is organized into seven units. Each unit ends with a 20-item multiple choice test (closed book). But there's not just one test per unit: you can take each unit test three times, each with different questions on the same 20 learning objectives.

The three tests for each unit are labeled "A," "B," and "C." We refer to them as the "A test," the "B test," and the "C test." They are generally taken in that order (A, then B, then C), but no test is a prerequisite for another test: as scheduling permits, you may take them in any order. Each one of these tests can only be taken once per unit. The B test is only given in class (your teacher will hand out a calendar showing when each unit B test will be administered). It is the only test given during class time, and it is given only when scheduled (you cannot take a make-up B test). The other two tests, A and C, are given in the Psychology Learning Center, and will be administered by computer.

In order to take a test in the Psychology Learning Center you MUST have a photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED.


The A test is generally made available starting on the first Wednesday of the new unit (for regular-semester classes). The deadline for this test is the (end of day) Thursday of the week in which the in-class test is given. (Late-start classes, which begin around the fifth week of the semester, follow a slightly different schedule.)

Test deadlines for regular semester classes are posted on the test deadlines page.


The C test is also given in the Learning Center, but it is available for a shorter period, starting the Friday of the week in which the in-class test is given, until the (end of) Tuesday of the following week. The C test is not a "make-up" test, but is your last chance at improving your test score for a particular unit.

Within a unit, no test is inherently harder than another. Each test is constructed from the same large test bank, randomly including questions pertaining to each learning objective. Some individual tests might, by chance, be easier or harder than others, but there is no pattern with respect to difficulty of A, B, or C tests.

For most of our students, who take their B tests on Wednesdays (M/W class), Thursdays (T/R class), or Fridays (M/W/F class), the sequence goes like this: FIRST, they complete the MyPsychLab practice quiz and online practice quiz in the Learning Center during the second week of the unit. SECOND, they take the A test in the Learning Center sometime between Monday and Thursday of the test week. THIRD, they take the B test in class on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (depending on their particular class schedule). FOURTH, they take the C test in the Learning Center on Friday, Saturday, or Monday or Tuesday of the following week. If scheduling allows, students are permitted to take the B test prior to the A test, or the C test prior to the B test (e.g., if your B test is on Wednesdays, you may take the B test Wednesday and the A test Thursday).

Only the highest score of whichever tests you take for each unit is the one that counts. Your overall class average is the average of each unit's highest test score. We do not drop any entire unit's score; if you only take one test for a particular unit, and you get a low score on it, then that score will become part of your overall average. If you take two or three tests for a particular unit, and the scores differ, only the highest score of those will become part of your overall average; the others are dropped.

Your grade in the course is computed by converting the highest score you have on each unit into a percentage and then averaging the percentages together. This is then converted into a letter grade as follows:

  • 90% and up: A
  • 87%-89%: A-
  • 83%-86%: B+
  • 79%-82%: B
  • 75%-78%: B-
  • 72%-74%: C+
  • 67%-71%: C
  • 64%-66%: C-
  • 60%-63%: D+
  • 56%-59%: D
  • 51%-55%: D-
  • Below 51%: F
Grades will be updated to an electronic file and posted to MyLabs using the last 5 digits of your M-number.


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