Monroe Community College

Test Deadlines

Spring 2018 "A" and "C" test deadlines*

* The table below is for regular semester classes; it does not apply to late start, summer, or intersession classes. Deadlines for late-start classes (including CF1 at Damon) are HERE. Summer and Intersession deadlines are described in the syllabus.

Dates for B tests vary by class schedule, so see your class calendar or pay attention in class.

The "Start" date indicates the first day a test is available. The date in the "End" column represents the deadline date for that test. You may start a test as soon as the Learning Center opens on the date listed. You must start a test no later than the official closing time of the Learning Center on the deadline date. If you start at or near closing time, you'll have no more than 30 minutes to finish (all students must be out of the Learning Center by 30 minutes after the official closing time), but if you start earlier, time is virtually unlimited.

For example, you may take the unit 4 A test anytime after the Learning Center opens on March 21; you must start the unit 4 A test no later than the published closing time of the Learning Center on March 29.



A Test

C Test






Wed 1/31

Thurs 2/8

Fri 2/9

Tues 2/13


Wed 2/14

Thurs 3/1

Fri 3/2

Tues 3/6


Wed 3/7

Thurs 3/15

Fri 3/16

Tues 3/20


Wed 3/21

Thurs 3/29

Fri 3/30

Tues 4/10


Wed 4/11

Thurs 4/19

Fri 4/20

Tues 4/24


Wed 4/25

Thurs 5/3

Fri 5/4

Tues 5/8


Wed 5/9

Thurs 5/17

Fri 5/18

Tues 5/22


If you have missed all three tests for a particular unit, you may have an opportunity to take the C test for that unit in the Learning Center during the final exam period (5/23 only), at the discretion of and with written permission from your instructor. It is important to see your instructor to receive that permission by the last class of the semester.

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