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Cancellations and Emergencies

In the event of a campus-wide emergency, please adhere to emergency procedures. If a campus-wide emergency, such as a fire, should occur during an exam, it will be the responsibility of individual instructors to determine whether the exam will continue, be rescheduled, or be cancelled.

Class Cancellation

Every effort will be made to maintain scheduled class and Learning Center hours. On an occasion that class is cancelled, you may be obligated to make up work on your own time. If the cancelled class was on a scheduled B test day, you should be prepared to take the test on the next scheduled class day. Decisions regarding making up missed B tests due to class cancellations are the responsibility of individual instructors. Should the Learning Center close unexpectedly, you will be provided extended time to take affected tests.

Class cancellation information is available daily on the web or through the telephone. Additionally, class cancellation information is available by dialing 292-2066, press "1" for the Applied Technology Center, "2" for the Brighton campus, "3" for the Damon campus, etc. to receive a list of cancelled classes for each location. If possible, please use the web site, as there could be delays in updating the phone recordings based on the number of cancellations.

Emergency Closings

If the college is closed due to inclement weather or some other emergency, all Rochester-area radio and television stations will be notified no later than 5:30 a.m. for a full day closing. In addition, the homepage on the MCC web site will display a message indicating the College is closed, or is closing, and when it will reopen. To avoid overloading the telephone lines, please do not call the College regarding closings. In the event of an extended closing, the home page of this Psychology Learning Center web site will have information relating to PSY 101.

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