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Learning Center Procedures and Expectations


The Psychology Learning Center is a place to study and a place to take tests. There are two separate rooms at the Brighton center, and two areas of the Learning Commons at the Downtown Campus for these activities. The study area is not a quiet place, since tutoring may be taking place.


DOs and DON'Ts of the Learning Center


  1. Come and come often. The Psychology Learning Center is here to help you succeed in PSY 101, but it can't help if you don't show up. Feel free to use the learning center habitually throughout the semester. Our hours are posted here.
  2. Sign in. When you first enter the Electronic Learning Center (at Brighton), or the Learning Commons (downtown) there is a sign-in procedure that you should follow.
  3. Sign out. When you leave, don't forget to sign out. And PLEASE indicate that you received assistance if you got any help from a teacher, tutor, or staff member (that is, if you reviewed a test, got explanations for any concepts, had help logging in or taking a test, or otherwise had anyone help you while in the Learning Center). Funding of the learning center is partially influenced by your sign-out procedure, and we'd like to keep the learning center in operation in the future.
  4. Bring a photo ID to take a test; you will not be able to take an A or C test without a photo ID, and there are no exceptions to this rule. You may use the tutoring services and practice tests without an ID. The photo ID does not have to be an MCC ID, although those are preferred (and available through the Photo ID Office). We only accept original photo IDs, not photocopies of them. We are not responsible for lost IDs; we will hold forgotten and found IDs usually until the end of the day and then turn them over to lost and found.
  5. Memorize your Blackboard login. You'll need to log into Blackboard to take online exams. Know your MCC M-number. If you change your password or login for Blackboard you'll have to remember it (we can't help you if you forget).
  6. Follow testing instructions. When you first come to the learning center to take a test you’ll be given a list of instructions to follow while testing. Take care and do it correctly, otherwise you might invalidate your test. Learning Center staff are always on hand to help you.
  7. Bring a photo ID to borrow materials. If you want to borrow a copy of the textbook or printed study guide you'll have to let us hold onto your photo ID while you have our materials. (Books might not be available downtown.)
  8. Use our computers for studying psychology. Computers are available for taking PSY-101 practice tests, accessing MyPsychLab, and using related materials. Keyboards, however, are not available at the computers on the tutoring/study side of the Brighton learning center, and they are not connected to a printer.
  9. Follow instructions from learning center staff. Learning center staff, professors, and tutors are legitimate authorities of the college. In case of conflict, you may appeal their decisions through the contacts noted in the course information pages, but disobedient or disrespectful behavior may result in a call to campus security.


  1. Cheat while taking a test. See our academic honesty page for details. This also means your books, notebooks, note papers, phones, and other possessions must remain inaccessible during testing. And you are not permitted to speak to other students during testing or use translation dictionaries (if you are confused about something, ask the staff). Nor may you write any notes during testing.
  2. Use an electronic device during a test. Whether in class or in the Psychology Learning Center, any use of an electronic device (except our testing computers) during a test will result in a score of zero. You may not access electronic devices at any time in the testing room of the Psychology Learning Center.
  3. Bring children. Children are never allowed in the testing area, and we will not supervise them for you, so please make arrangements beforehand. Children in the study area must be under your supervision and control at all times, or you may be asked to leave.
  4. Arrive after closing time to take a test. You need to begin your test prior to the published closing time for the learning center, and you must finish testing within 30 minutes after closing time.
  5. Be irresponsible. Disrespectful and immature behavior is not tolerated in the learning center. Food and drink is not allowed in the learning center. Using any electronic device during testing is prohibited. If you choose to hold a telephone conversation, do this outside the learning center.
  6. Use our computers for illicit purposes. The computers in the tutor/study area are for use related to the study of psychology; also, they are not attached to any printer.

Consequences of misbehavior

Depending upon the severity of misbehavior, consequences range from notifying your teacher (who has the right to impose reasonable sanctions concerning the classroom and your test scores), to loss of learning center privileges, to actions at the college level taken by the office of the Vice President of Student Services.

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