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PSY 101 Attendance Policy

Attendance will be taken and recorded throughout the entire semester. It is to your benefit to attend every class.

In accordance with MCC policy, attendance is expected in class and for tests. Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year, MCC will not process a faculty-initiated withdrawal. If you wish to be withdrawn from the course, it is your responsibility to withdraw yourself before the withdrawal deadline. Instructors cannot issue a withdrawal for students who stop attending.

Additionally, if you arrive late to class you may be marked absent, and you may forfeit the opportunity to take the in-class B test if you arrive late on a test day. If there is lecture following your in-class B test, you may be marked absent for the day if you leave class following the test.

Your instructor may set an attendance policy that is more permissive than the policy described on this page; however, your instructor is fully within his or her rights to set a policy that conforms to the requirements described herein. You should ask your instructor what his or her attendance policy is.

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