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COURSE INFORMATION (syllabus) for PSY 101


The Psychology Learning Center is located in Room 11-110 at Brighton (inside the Electronic Learning Center: see the slideshow on the "location and hours" page), and in Room 4259 (inside the Integrated Learning Center) at Damon. The Psychology Learning Center provides a system of learning aids, tests, tutors, and other professional support designed to help Introductory Psychology students at MCC succeed in their course.

Studying human behavior, mental processes, and all the factors that contribute to these is absolutely fascinating, but studying it through the systematic approach of science is often more challenging than expected. We've created the Psychology Learning Center and the structured approach to this course to help you learn as much as possible about the science of psychology while you're in the course. See the links at left for information about the Learning Center and PSY 101 in general.

PSY 101 Textbook: see the syllabus for detailed information. A reduced-cost new textbook is available directly from the publisher (about $95: choose the "BNDL: ACP PSYCHOLOGY"). The MCC bookstore also takes online orders (cost is about $130; add a print copy of the study guide for $1). We highly recommend buying the book new so that you will have access to an online study aid system called MindTap. Used books will not contain a login code for this. At the bookstore, choose the "bundle option" to buy the new text with MindTap access.


PRACTICE TESTS: You can access the Practice Tests Set 2 here or from an icon on computers in the Psychology Learning Center. A separate set of practice tests is only available at computers in the Psychology Learning Center (the desktop icon "Practice Tests Set 1" in the Psychology Learning Center).

MINDTAP See our MindTap page.


PSY 101 faculty: To access student test scores and grades, you can log into the web site. (You'll need your login ID and password.) Instructions for accessing and printing grades are HERE. (If you are using an Internet Explorer browser, and are logged in on campus with your faculty ID, you can access the Faculty FAQ and the latest Instructor Info Manual, which are on the M-drive following the path "Offices" → "Academic Services" → "Divisions" → "Liberal Arts" → "Psychology" → "Learning Center" → "LC Faculty Info" → "Instructor Info Manual & FAQs," and which contain detailed information about the operation of PSY 101, including current policies.)



Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

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