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Leadership Positions

Interested in applying for a Phi Theta Kappa Officer position?


Requirements: Phi Theta Kappa Membership
Hours: Flexible
Pay: An occasional pizza, a glass of pop
Qualifications: ·         Enjoy people
·         Relish personal growth
·         Have a sense of humor and be flexible
·         Like to communicate, especially on the phone
·         Ability to laugh at self

·         Hard worker




·   Officers develop spirit de corps while working together. ·   Tolerating each other’s idiosyncrasies.
·   Working closely with advisors. ·   Feeling panic and uncertainty at facing new tasks.
·   Opportunities to develop and use planning, leadership, and organizational skills. ·   Keeping perspective and ego “in check”.
·   Opportunities for personal recognition and building self-confidence. ·   Wanting to do it all with only 24 hours in a day.
·   Opportunities to support and participate in programs at MCC and in the community. ·   Coping with unforeseen events that keep someone from top performance or following through on an assignment.
·   Opportunities for travel.
·   Figuring out how to do it.
·   Opportunities to earn credit while doing something you enjoy doing. ·   Looking for the goodness in everyone. 

·   Forming close relationships.

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Click on the link below for an Officer Application Packet.

Officer Application Packet

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