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Officers and Advisors

Who are the people behind the scenes?  There are a few people making your chapter a success and they're students just like you who have decided to dedicate the little bit of free time they have towards creating activities, lectures, events, etc. to benefit the students, school, and community.  


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The Phi Theta Kappa 2016 - 2017 Officers are:
2016-2017 Officers
President - Gialeigh Liou
- Joshua Vanderbilt
- Joshua Askins
- Kaitlin Hawkins-Rusch
- Alexia McFadden
- Jeana Clocksin
- Ana Llopis
- Peter Shur
- Catrice Adu
- Breyana Clark
- Christopher Scheitinger
- Nicole Simmons
- Alana Holt
- Elizabeth DeMeyer
- Margaret DeLaRosa-Nunez
- Jordan Black

The officers are also supported by a wonderful group of Faculty and Staff Advisors:

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Tracey Britton

-I am a counselor in the Damon City Campus Student Services Office.  Our office is pretty much a one-stop shop, so we are all trained in a bit of everything, but my primary focus is on transfer services.  I assist students in moving on to their four year institutions.  In addition, I oversee and coordinate the Wellness Center on the DCC campus.  Prior to becoming a counselor at DCC, I was the womenís soccer coach and academic advisor to the student athletes for nine years.  My academic background is in psychology and education.  Iíve been a kindergarten teacher as well as a school psychologist.  Iíve been fortunate to have the opportunity to teach some courses at MCC, and Iíve truly enjoyed all of those experiences.  One of the best aspects of my current position is being an advisor to Phi Theta Kappa.  I love it!!  I am continually impressed and awed by the incredible talents, determination, and efforts of our students.

oriel2: Jodi

Jodi Oriel

-I am one of your Phi Theta Kappa advisors and I am a very proud graduate of Monroe Community College. I work in the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development.    I have been an advisor for 20 years and I can help you become more knowledgeable about the scholarships and resources Phi Theta Kappa offers. Your chapter offers many opportunities for you to become involved in the community you learn, work and live in.  I would like to encourage you to take one more step with Phi Theta Kappa and get involved in the many leadership opportunities available to you! The opportunities open many doors for valuable scholarships and job placement.   I look forward to meeting you and I hope you will stop in to see me. My office is located in the Campus Center, building 3-126.

Administrative Support Staff, Office of Student Life and Leadership Development:

Maryjane Starr

If there is any way I can be of assistance, please contact me at

Interested in becoming an Officer?  Visit our Leadership Positions page for more information and an application.


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