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Welcome to the Nursing 111 website!!

We hope you find this site helpful as you learn about becoming a nurse. Nursing is a very rewarding career, but it is also a serious responsibility. You will need to learn well and continuously, to assure a high level of quality care for your clients. As you begin your journey, do your best to lay a good foundation upon which to build your expertise. There is a lot of information here so take the time to read it over carefully. The Nursing 111 Faculty.

Helpful Information

  • Your first class includes course content that is testable, so be sure to bring a notebook.
  • Course orientation will not take place in your first lecture. Orientation to the N111 course will continue during your N111 two-hour conference time. You must bring your entire N111 course outline to conference during week #1. You should be scheduled for a N111 conference on either Tuesday or Wednesday. We will be going through the outline page by page because it can seem confusing. DO NOT MISS THE ORIENTATION SESSION DURING CONFERENCE WEEK #1 OR YOU WILL FEEL VERY LOST. THE OUTLINE IS OVER 900 PAGES LONG.
  • Conferences for week #1 only will be taught in 9-104. Beginning week #2, conferences will be taught in the Fundamentals Lab, 9-219.
  • Nursing 111 has a very strict attendance policy. Absences are monitored closely beginning with the first hour of the first lecture and continuing for conferences and clinical sessions until the end of the semester. Please note that students have been withdrawn in the past for poor attendance.
  • It is important that you have a physical done and have taken a CPR with AED class (for the professional rescuer) before classes begin. You will not be able to go to your clinical site until both of these are current. You must bring your CPR card to the Nursing Department office (9-111) so a copy can be placed in your permanent file. Call the MCC Health Service at 292-2018 if you have any questions regarding your physical.
  • You will also need to be sure that you have an MCC student nurse uniform and a nametag before starting clinical off campus. Please refer to the information given to you at PAR for further information on where to purchase uniforms.
  • Clinical is on-campus for weeks #1 & #2 ONLY. Starting week #3, you will be going to a health care facility in Rochester for clinical. Clinical will begin at 7:30am beginning week #1. During orientation (in your conference class) you will be given more information about clinical.
  • Please try to begin your homework as soon as possible because there is homework for every lecture, conference and clinical class throughout the semester. Staying on top of homework is a critical way to be successful in the course. The Nursing Learning Center, however, does not open until the first day of classes. You will not be able to watch any videos/CAIs due week #1 until that time.
  • Monroe Community College has a number of Learning Centers at Brighton (for example, Accounting, Math, Psychology, Writing, the Electronic Learning Center, etc.) and at Damon (for example, the Integrated Learning Center, Electronic Learning Center, etc.). Learning centers are staffed with instructional personnel and may be equipped with computers and software to assist students. It is recommended that students use the Learning Centers to get additional help with concepts learned in the classroom and with their homework. Please refer to your MCC student email to review your referral and objectives for your use of the Learning Center(s).

So welcome aboard for a fun, fast future into the world of nursing!!!

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