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Nursing Care of the Adult and Child - II



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NUR 214


Well … the time has come!

It is now your turn to be the leader of the pact "Manager of Client Care" for the entire clinical day. Hmmm you may say; now what does this task entail. Have no fear, continue reading and the rationale and objective for this assignment will become apparent. It is imperative however that you complete the required tasks below.

1. Review all materials regarding Assigning and Delegation from NUR 210 and NUR 214.

2. Review page 28 of your outline. It contains all 3 aspects of the Manager of Client Care Assignment (Management Assignment): Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation of Care for a Group of Clients.

3. Collaborate with your clinical instructor and Laurie Palmer to:

Develop and implement a plan of care for your assigned client group

Establish priorities for nursing care for the assigned client group

Develop a plan for assigning aspects of client care to NUR 112 nursing students


Supervise and evaluate the activities of NUR 112 students performing in the role of unlicensed assistive personnel to achieve client outcomes


This assignment is a joint collaborative venture between NUR 112 and NUR 214. Direct questions, concerns, and feedback about this experience to Laurie Palmer and Ann-Marie John. They are the 2 faculty members responsible for implementation and evaluation of this assignment.

Despite your primary clinical assignment for this semester, you will return to Laurie Palmer’s clinical group at Highland hospital for implementation of the Manager of Client Care assignment. This clinical group consists of NUR 112 nursing students. As you will remember this is their first exposure to surgical clients. Since you have already had a clinical rotation at Highland hospital, a reorientation to the general documentation, policy, and procedures is not required.

You will meet with Laurie Palmer at 5:30 am to discuss the steps involved in planning and implementation of this assignment. The criterion used for assessment of your performance is attached. Written assessment will only be used to provide feedback to improve your skills as a manager of client care and a future professional nurse.

In addition to being able to implement the Manager of Client Care assignment, you will receive the benefit of:


Practical application of assigning and delegating task appropriately

Application of theoretical aspects of Assigning and Delegating with faculty mentors who have taught this topic

Supervision and guidance of faculty experts with Assigning and Delegation client care

Developing assignments for client care with a faculty mentor

Functioning as a student mentor and role model for junior nursing student

Potentially boosting your self confidence as it relates to leadership skills in the profession of nursing


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Welcome to your first taste of NUR 214! We will be setting up this website to keep you informed about the activities in this course. Dates, times, topics and extra information will all be available at this site. Look for chat rooms on discussion topics, information about upcoming events and schedules from your specific clinical instructors. This site will be updated to keep you posted on your course! See you in class!!


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