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NUR 211 Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Course Description

Focus is on the basic needs of clients and the use of the nursing process to promote wellness, prevent illness and manage responses to identified actual or potential mental health problems. Topics include those related to anxiety, rituals, dissociative patterns, somatization, psychosis, pathological suspicion, depression, mania, suicide, bordeline behavior, antisocial behavior, anger, risk for violence, and abuse of food/chemicals/individuals. The core components of associate degree nursing practice (Professional Behaviors, Communication, Assessment, Clinical Decision-Making, Therapeutic Nursing Interventions, Teaching and Learning,, Collaboration and Managing Care) are explored and applied.

Placement: Third Semester

Prerequisite Courses: NUR 112 and BIO 143, both with a minimum grade of C, PSY 212

Co-Requisite Courses: Soc 101, Bio 202 (with a minimum grade of C), NUR 210

Other Prerequisites: 1. CPR certification with AED is required and must be current for the duration of the course. A copy of the CPR card must be on file in the department office. Students should complete the professional rescurer from the American Red Cross or Basic Life support for the health care Provider" from the American Heart Association to meet this requirement. 2. Completed current health services requieeminebts (See Student-related policies for further information). 3. Written physician approval to attend psycjiatric clinical experience if pregnant or with a change in health status. (See Student -Related policeies for further inromation).

Failure to comply with health clearance reuirements and CPR/AED certification by the frst class will result in the student receiving a full day absence and an incident report.

Students who plan to withdraw from a course MUST check with nursing facultyu prior to withdrawal in orderto determine the effect of being able to continue in the required program of study for nursing. Readmission is on a space avaiable babsis only.

Length of Course: One-half semester

Credits: 4

Time Allottment: Two Lecture hours, Three Conference hours and Nine Clinical hours 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students who have had an association (for example as a staff member, as a client’s family member, or as a client) with a local psychiatric inpatient unit or community program should not be assigned to that site for psychiatric clinical experience. Students are advised to discuss this policy further, if indicated, with the the Department of Nursing Chairperson to facilitate appropriate clinical placement.



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