Rules of Civility

10 Rules of Civility in the Parking Lots:

1) If you see a vehicle with their directional on waiting for a parking space, do not cut them off and take the space.

2) If you open your car door after parking your vehicle and accidently hit the vehicle next to you, notify Public safety, donít just leave.

3) If you see someone hit a car and drive off, try to get the plate number from a safe distance, and call Public Safety.

4) If youíre in your vehicle listening to music, be aware of the volume of your radio and have it at a level that youíre not disturbing other people.

5) If you have trash to throw out, place it in a garbage can, do not just throw it on the ground.

6) When walking in a parking lot, be aware of vehicles driving near you, walk to one side of the parking lot, not in the middle of the lane.

7) Do not cut across empty parking lots, stay in the driving lane. This is not only illegal, but dangerous.


8) Park your vehicle were you registered it to park. Do not park in an unauthorized space because you are taking a space from someone who paid for that space. You also may receive a parking ticket.


9) Do not skateboard, rollerblade, or ride bicycles through parking lots.


10) Do not take up more than one space. Other people have paid to park there too.