Article: Campus Graffiti Calls for More Civility

Campus Graffiti Calls for More Civility

I am always amazed that people are comfortable drawing on walls, desks, or garbage cans. What was even more shocking was the conversations back and forth on the bathroom stalls. Not only was this defacing property but the words and drawings were hurtful, offensive, and attacking.

What many of us donít consider as we read this graffiti is that someone has to clean it or replace it and this can be costly and time consuming. MCC Building Services estimates that this costs MCC up to $10,000 annually. This does not even consider the amount of time and resource that go to cleaning, photographing and taking Public Safety reports.

The Civility Committee and Building Services have teamed up to raise awareness about graffiti on campus. We hope you will stop up to our program in the Campus Center Terrace on February 13th from 12-1pm. We will have a graffiti wall that will display pictures of graffiti on campus, and posters and flyers that are found dispersed on our campus. This display wall will also serve as a safe location to create your graffiti.

So come graffiti our graffiti wall!