Scholars' Day

April 29, 2017

Call for Participation

DUE March 3, 2017

STUDENT APPLICATION (For presentations by one or more students)

Please complete the following form, providing information about your intended activity. Presentations will be scheduled by topic or related discipline. Please include a short abstract (100-200 words; see instructions) describing your presentation or activity. Please direct questions to

Disciplinary Classification (mark all applicable):

Pre-Professional (Criminal Justice, Human Services, Nursing, other)
Social Science
Computer Science
Life/Physical/Natural Sciences
Applied Technology

Type of Presentation/Activity (all presentations are for 20-minute periods) choose one:

Single Classroom Presentation

Poster Session (authors are expected to accompany their poster for 30 minutes in the morning, prepared to explain poster content)[1][2]

[1] Group members share scholarship prizes.
[2] A poster session is an activity in a large open area where authors accompany their posters, which rest on an easel or tabletop (provided by us); audience members circulate around and authors usually explain their project and answer questions, but the whole project is described on the poster. It is not a classroom talk. A poster might be produced by a single author or a group of authors.

Group Classroom Presentation[1]

Special requests:

Combine with others in the same room[3] (please specify):
Overhead projector
Panel seating (number of seats):
I am submitting multiple applications (i.e., for 2 or more separate presentations)
Other (please specify)[4]:
[3] Please check this if multiple presentations (single or group presentations) should be combined into one session with a shared theme/topic (Maximum 60 minutes). This selection will not affect scholarship eligibilities.
[4] Classroom Presentations will be in "smart" classrooms. No need to request a computer.

Presentation/Activity Title:

Scholarships and Awards Eligibility:

To be eligible for one of the available scholarships or awards, you must be a current student at MCC (fall 2016, Intersession, 2017, or spring 2017). If you would like to have your presentation or poster considered for a scholarship or other award, please check the box indicating your eligibility and choose a category within which your presentation or poster will be considered. Scholarships and awards will be competitive within categories, but not between categories. Note: We will require submission of a formal annotated bibliography two weeks prior to Scholars' Day for scholarship eligibility. We will send a reminder about this after the deadline of this call for participation.

Potential categories for scholarships and awards.[5] Select a disciplinary category and whether the presentation or poster should be judged individually or as a group effort (e.g., a panel of 3 individual presentations will probably prefer each presenter judged individually); group project members will share any scholarships or awards granted (see the scholarship page for details):

[5] Categories may be modified prior to judging, based on the numbers of applicants, to maximize competitive balance.

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Presentation Length: Each classroom presentation will be allotted 20 minutes, which includes time for questions and answers; the actual presentation should last about 15 minutes. Posters will remain on view throughout the day. Performances: please include an estimation of the duration of your demonstration or performance. Also, for musical performances, a short video or audio recording is required for preview; please contact Michael Ofsowitz, Psychology, for details.

Faculty Sponsor: A faculty or staff member sponsorship is required for all student presentations.

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A short abstract describing your presentation or activity is required. (Please paste your abstract into the text box below; we are not capable of processing attachments.) Your abstract should be 100-200 words long, and no longer. Detailed instructions about abstracts are available from the navigation menu of the Scholars' Day website, or here.