SCHOLARS' DAY REVIEW is a faculty-juried journal showcasing the exceptional presentation papers of student scholars who participated in Monroe Community College's Scholars' Day.

The editors of Scholars' Day Review invite participants in Scholars' Day to submit an original presentation paper accompanied by a summarizing abstract. Submissions for Volume 5 are due by May 31. See the guidelines page for details.


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+ SDR volume 2 (2014)    (click to open)
+ SDR volume 3 (2015)    (click to open)
+ SDR volume 4 (2017)    (coming soon; click to open)


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Michael Ofsowitz, PSY

Associate Editor

Scott Rudd, ENG/PHL

Editorial Board

Sandy Chamberlain, ILC
James Cronmiller, BIO
Rebecca Horwitz, PSY
Margaret Kaminsky, CHM
Jay Keith, ENG/PHL
Robert Muhlnickel, ENG/PHL
Mark Sample, AHPS
Mary Timmons, Library
Daniel Tyree, AHPS