Table of Contents:
 I. Graphing objects in CalcPlot3D

    Rotating the 3D Graph
    Using 3D Glasses -
          Other 3D Viewing Modes
    Using the 2D Trace Plane
    Contour Plots
    Graphing Functions of
          Two Variables
            -  Rectangular Coordinates
                       Movie Mode
            -  Cylindrical Coordinates
            -  Spherical Coordinates
    Graphing Space Curves
        Intersection of Two Planes Example
    Graphing Points & Vectors
    Graphing Vector Fields
    Showing Gradient Vectors
          with Surfaces & Contour Plots
    Graphing Regions
    Graphing Parametric Surfaces

II. Exploring Other Features
    Modifying color scheme of
      surfaces for increasing contrast
      between multiple surfaces
      graphed at the same time
    Taylor Polynomials

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