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Welcome to my Manila site!


Welcome to a New School Semester

Welcome students! This is my third semester teaching at Monroe Community College, and I am  looking forward to a rewarding experience with you. I have been a teacher for several years in many of the surrounding districts. This year I decided to leave my full-time position at Greece Athena,so I could devote myself to the college experience.

Writing is my passion and it is something I do on a daily basis. If I am not working on my book, I am writing in my journal. It is my hope that I will instill some of the same joy in you as the semester progresses.

I have six children and six grandchildren, so my life is busy. I recently moved to Henrietta, which is something that I am getting used to at this moment. What is up with all of the planes, trains, and automobiles?

I hope you enjoy our journey together as we learn about the process of writing from start to finish.



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