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Course Policies

The goal for students and for the instructor is to create an environment that allows each student the greatest opportunity for success.  The following are guidelines that foster a learning environment, with fairness and consistency for each student.


Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the student to read and understand the policies for this course and track his/her own performance.  Adherence to guidelines will significantly influence the grade that is earned in this course. The instructor will not track down missing assignments and is not obligated to warn students in danger of failing. Students are to track their own progress and inquire with the instructor as needed.


Critical Attendance and Withdrawal Policies:

The number of allowable absences varies depending on the days of the week the class meets.  It is the student's responsibility to be familiar with the number of absences allowed, the number of absences that result in grade reduction, and the number of absences that result in failure of the course. This information can be obtained by viewing course syllabi that are on this website.


It is strongly recommended that you SAVE YOUR ABSENCES to cover any emergency or unexpected event to avoid grade reduction or failure of the course.  Details are outlined in your course syllabus.

For all courses:  Being late or leaving early two (2) times = one absence.

  • If you are late, it is your responsibility to personally notify the instructor so you are marked late instead of absent.
  • There are no excused lates, leaving early, or absences, including work or personal appointments. Schedule appropriately.
  • Students are responsible for missed work. Check with a fellow classmate for notes and assignments. The instructor will NOT provide notes.
  • If you want to withdraw from this class, it is your responsibility to submit a Student-Initiated Withdrawal before the deadline. Your instructor is not obligated to withdraw you, however, reserves the right to withdraw you from class for unsatisfactory attendance/performance. 


Other Critical Influences on Your Grade:

Behaviors that lead to a lower grade:  

  • Cell phone or other electronic device out during class,
  • Talking to your neighbor or out of turn,
  • Disrespecting classmates or the instructor,
  • Sleeping in class,
  • Leaving the room during class other than for a bathroom emergency
  • Packing up to leave before being dismissed.


Behaviors that lead to a higher grade:

  • Being early and prepared for each class (writing utensil, notebook, reading completed),
  • Paying attention and participating in lectures and activities,
  • Completing class assignments and turning them in on or before the due date,
  • Checking MCC e-mail account daily,
  • Cell phone and other electronics powered off and put away,
  • Working to get as much as possible out of the course.




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