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HED 116 Issues in Child Development and Health

Child Health Syllabus

Note:  There is a reserve copy of the main textbook available to be signed out for a limited time at the MCC library.

Participation Page Instructions

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Child Health Assignments

Food Safety Reading  as a docx OR  Food Safety Reading PDF

Food Safety Participation Questions

Food Safety Participation Questions PDF

Social Health Participation Page

Bully Documentary Participation Page

Parenting and Punishment Participation Page

Physical Punishment Lessons

Fire Safety Education Participation Page

Environmental Health Participation Page

Environmental Health Fact Sheets

Consumer Health and Children Article

Resources - Child Health


To Access Binder Addendum/Appendix Documents, Go to the M-Drive, Courses, PhysEd, ChildHealthHED116TextAddendum (Please note: Page numbers are correctly listed in each file name, but will be different on the pages of each document.)




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