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HED 115 Death and Dying

HED 116 Issues in Child Development and Health

HED 130 Foundations in Personal Health and Wellness

HED 207 Emotional Wellness

PEC 253 Stress Management

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Important Points Regarding College Level Courses:

*Students should be devoting approximately 6-9 hours each week outside of classtime toward coursework for a three-credit college course. 

*At the college level, students should expect that they will be responsible for additional material that has not been reviewed in the classroom.

*At the college level, higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy (application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation) should be utilized for the majority of activities, assignments, and assessments. Class time spent on definitions and memorization should be minimal.

*In the college setting, late or missing work warrants significant penalties.  Holding students accountable will help them to succeed in the future.

To find most current Course Description for your syllabus, go to the MCC homepage , A-Z Index, Course Descriptions.


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