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Welcome Class of 2015!

This year you will have your name embroidered on your scrub top. We have negotiated with a shop called Stitchworks, 297 Culver Parkway, Rochester 14609-4554 (585-654-7522). Tell the owner that you're an MCC dental hygiene student. The price is approximately $7 per top.

You will be receiving a letter from our dental supplier (Patterson Dental) in July (or August). Our 'in-office' contact person, Sue Slayton (585-924-0550). Identify yourself as an MCC Dental Hygiene student.
There is 1 former student who is selling instruments. she was in the program for only a short period of time and the instruments should be in good condition. You are responsible for adding to the kit if necessary. Contact Alla @ 585-690-9515 (I have not heard that anyone has purchased Alla's kit)

  •  You will all be purchasing loupes (magnifying glasses). The representative from Orascoptic will be on campus Tuesday, Sept 11th. Watch your MCC email for a flyer that I will be sending.
  • You will need to be certified in CPR for adult, child, and infant by 12/1 of this year. Both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association can provide these courses. Start looking NOW. The courses fill up months in advance and it takes about 6 weeks to get your CPR card (which you must present to the Dental Studies faculty).
  • Dental Hygienists are mandated reporters of child abuse. You must take a course before 12/1 of this year This course will be offered to Dental Studies students on the Brighton campus on in OctoberIt will be a Monday in October, from 3-5 pm. If you work, plan ahead. The fee is $30. You do not need to pre-register before school starts.  
  • We have clinical practice sessions [fall semester] primarily on Tuesday, some Thursdays, between 11:00 and 12:45. Please keep at least one of those days open (Tuesday is better).
  • You will be wearing scrubs in lab by the second week of classes. The pants may not have elastic cuffs. The tops & bottoms should fit you appropriately, being neither too big nor too small [midriff must be covered even when you bend over. The pants should not be 'low rise']. No white, no 'denim', and no prints allowed. If you need tall or petite sizes, they are available in several brands. [A word on "fit" - scrubs should not fit like this...hit link, then hit back button to return]
  • You will need white leather clinic shoes. These can be all white sneakers or classic clinic shoes. The entire foot must be covered. If sneakers are purchased the logo should not be obvious. Samples are shown below. They should not have platform soles. Crocs do not come in true white, but you can purchase an alternative (non-perferated) brand that are white.
  • You will be leasing a typodont from the bookstore for $200-250. They should be available the week before school starts. Students may also want to lease a vacuum based mount for practice at home (also a $200 lease).

       Yes - V-neck

      Yes - piping is OK

      No- no collars, buttons or long sleeves

      Yes - fitted or elastic waist 

      Yes - tied, but not low rise 

      No - ankle cuffs

      Yes - white sneakers 

      Yes - white clogs style

      No - colors



      Online: Tafford Uniforms: 1-800-283-0065
      or by phone: Lydia's Professional Uniforms: 1-800-942-3378
        Scrub Factory:  
        Uniform Advantage: 1-800-283-8708

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