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Would someone help me make this applet an executable jar?

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Topic: inactiveTopic Would someone help me make this applet an executable jar? Last updated: 4/6/2015; 12:51:38 PM

userAndré Mendes

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Posted: 4/4/2015; 5:20:26 PM blueArrow

I loaded it with a applet stub and a URLClassLoader, but when loading, some of the parameters are wrong, and the access to the applet is blocked, and it tells me that I have to access it online.

The whole reason why I want to load it would be to be able to study while offline, and if this website ever dies to preserve such a good program.

I dont plan to sell it, and I plan to give full credit to the author. I just need some help to make this possible, so students wouldnt require internet to use it. And could access and show their solutions on the go.

Thank you very much, André Mendes

userPaul Seeburger

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Posted: 4/6/2015; 12:51:38 PM blueArrow

Hi, André!

You can use the applet offline if you load it from the web the first time using the Java WebStart link on my project webpage. It will install like an application on the pc and then only need to go online in order to update the latest version when I update the applet.

I hope this helps address your situation. Please let me know!

Paul Seeburger

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