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Associate Professor: Dept. of English & Philosophy, Monroe Community College
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I've never liked the name. As if they weren't
What they were when sunlight disappears.
But day or night they stand like clustered shocks
Of bright in open fields or filtered shade––
And no matter how the wind once beat them
And no matter how the heat has wilt them
And no matter how the sea shall spray them
They persist and root with vehemence
In clay, in loam, in mulch, and sandy soil.
And when they thrive, their thickness can conceal.
Once, in summer, on the lake, my brother
Tossed a pebble at a patch of blooms.
We never heard it land. We wondered first,
And then approached, pulled back the stems and found
A dead dog, stiffened, stung by bees. And there
She lay in horrible tranquility. And there
It lay, the pebble on her blackened nose.


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