Faculty Mentoring Program

Contact: Dave Boni
Brighton Campus
Building 8, Room 535
Phone Number: 585-292-3129

Mentor Qualifications

Why Mentor?

How Does the Process Work?

Mentors for new faculty are chosen from among tenured and untenured faculty. New faculty are invited to participate and very seldom do they decline the opportunity to have a mentor. A coordinator selects mentors from across the college and pairs new faculty with tenured or nearly tenured faculty. A list of names and departments of both mentors and new faculty is provided to encourage networking. There is a pizza lunch at the beginning of the fall semester in which mentors and new faculty meet (often they've already met). The level of interaction between mentors and new faculty is determined by each individual relationship that unfolds. Currently there is no formal evaluation of this program.

Mentoring Q&A - coming soon!