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MCC's Teaching & Creativity Center offers a variety of programs and topics to support teaching faculty.  Our programming and services are designed using a three-category structure: one-time experiences, cohort experiences, and faculty development services.  All programs are open to full-time and adjunct faculty members.  We look forward to seeing  you soon!


One-time experiences: This category contains professional development opportunities that consist of a single session or workshop and is geared for busy faculty members.  The TCC utilizes these one-time experiences to respond quickly to faculty needs and interests, to encourage pedagogical discussions and sharing of resources across disciplines, and to provide a forum for MCC faculty members with pedagogical innovations to showcase their work.  Programs in this category include TCC Conversations and workshops; the Winter Teaching Institute (co-sponsored with the Department of Education); Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Programs; and the year-end Teaching & Learning Conference.

Adjunct Faculty Orientation and Professional Development Program


Winter Teaching Institute - January 6, 2015


Spring 2015 TCC Conversations & Workshops


Open Education Resources Conference - March 6, 2015


Teaching & Learning Conference - June 12, 2015

A Call for Proposals from the TCC 

For the past year, the Teaching & Creativity Center has asked the community to find ways to challenge ourselves, challenge our students. Now, it is time to share our innovations, our lessons, and our GIFTS.

Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFTs) are those best practices and aha! moments of teaching—little nuggets of learning and pedagogy—that are just too good to keep to one’s self. For example, maybe you designed a new assessment, tried out a new technique, or adapted an idea from a conference.  Share your excitement with colleagues at the TCC’s Teaching & Learning Conference to be held on the morning of June 12, 2015.  

We invite your proposal for a 10-minute session where you share your GIFT and discuss it with colleagues.  Your proposal should include a brief (no more than a paragraph) description of the GIFT and its origin.  Proposals will be accepted now through February 27.   Please HYPERLINK ""click here to access the proposal submission form.


Cohort experiences: This category contains professional development opportunities that consist of collaborative groups of faculty members working together for a common goal.  These programs are designed for faculty members who are looking for an ongoing professional development opportunity.  During the semester, members will meet 4-5 times to discuss current research, develop new strategies and techniques, and work together to improve teaching.  Groups are faculty-driven and provide a supportive environment for exchanging ideas.  Programs in this category include Faculty Inquiry Groups (FIGs), First-Year Faculty Series (FYFS), Faculty Learning Communities (FLC), and Critical Friends Group.


If you are interested in facilitating or joining a FIG or Reading Group, please contact the TCC Coordinator Jon Iuzzini (


2014-2015 Cohort Groups

First-Year Faculty Series

Critical Friends Group

Institutes for Faculty



Faculty Development Services: This category contains professional development opportunities to support individual faculty members. Programs in this category include College-wide Faculty Mentoring Program, one-on-one consultations, and Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF).  Please contact Jon Iuzzini ( or Neeta Primo ( for a consultation, a non-evaluative classroom observation, or SGIF.  (All consultations and observations are confidential.)



The Teaching & Creativity Center is also available to assist or provide professional development programs for groups, departments, or divisions.  Please contact the TCC Coordinator for more information.