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November 2015 Puzzle

Three men are racing up a set of stairs.  The image below shows the final moments before the end of the race.  Up until the final leaps needed to reach the top:  the man in the lead leapt three steps at a time and is one step from the top; the man in second place leapt four steps at a time and is seven steps from the top; and the man in third place leapt five steps at a time and is fourteen steps from the time (as you might imagine, these are rather short stairs).  Given that each of the men began at the bottom and that there were at least 100 steps total, how many steps were there?  The top landing should be counted as a step, but not the bottom.  Also determine the number of leaps taken by each of the men in completing the race. 

*You must include work to support your solution*


November solutions are due by Nov. 30th


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