Spotlight Awards


Faculty Senate Spotlight Awards

Submission deadline: April 28, 2017


These awards intend to recognize a focused effort of exceptional impact that directly affects the workings of MCC. These awards provide the Faculty Senate Executive Committee an opportunity to spotlight and recognize the work of their colleagues that otherwise might go unacknowledged in one of four areas - Academic Innovation, Research and Scholarship, Technological Innovation, and Service.

Honorees in any, all, or none of these areas may be selected on any given year, at the discretion of Faculty Senate Executive Committee.

Honorees will be announced at Employee Recognition Day each Spring.

Eligibility - The Faculty Senate Spotlight Awards are intended for all MCC employees, regardless of rank, years of service, or employee classification.

Any employee who has been recognized in the last 5 years is not eligible.

Once selected as an honoree in one of the four areas, an employee is no longer eligible for that award.


Academic Innovation

  • Benefits the Department/division/college
  • Exceeds standard boundaries of discipline/area
  • Fosters enthusiasm for academic study
  • Enhances reputation, and enthusiasm for the rigor and excellence, of MCC’s academic life
Research and Scholarship
  • Benefits the Department/division/college/discipline
  • Goes beyond the norms of discipline/area
  • Adds vitality to program/degrees/community partnerships and relationships
  • Including but not limited to outstanding publications, presentations, advanced degree work, grant projects, performances/exhibitions, collaborative scholarship with students
Technological Innovation
  • Benefits the Department/division/college
  • Champions new technologies or new uses of existing technologies
  • Improves effectiveness and/or offers better solutions to current approaches/applications
  • Benefits students/colleagues/department/division/college
  • Professional associations at regional/state/national levels that go beyond the bounds of normal discipline/expectations and directly affect MCC
  • Goes beyond the standard expectations of job description to enhance the quality and functionality to benefit the college community
  • Including all academic and non-academic areas

Nominations - should be submitted to the President of Faculty Senate (Mark Ernsthausen; )

Nomination packets - should not exceed a single typed page (Times New Roman, 12-point font, standard margins), and must include all required details:

  • Cover page with name, rank/title, and years of service at Monroe Community College, identification of specific Spotlight area (Academic Innovation, Research and Scholarship, Technological Innovation, or Service), of the individual being nominated.
  • 1 page nomination letter.
    • Detailed clarification of professional effort being recognized
    • How said effort addresses the criteria for the Spotlight area
  • Nominations should be emailed to Mark Ernsthausen by 5:00 p.m. on April 28, 2017