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The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service recognizes consistently superior professional achievement within and beyond the position.

Award criteria:

Nominees for the award must be individuals who have repeatedly sought improvement of themselves, their campuses and ultimately the State University and, in doing so, have transcended the normal definitions of excellence. At all position levels, nominees shall be those individuals who can serve as professional role models for a University system in the pursuit of excellence. The following criteria shall be used in selecting persons for nomination of this award:

Within the Position Description - The candidate must perform superbly in fulfilling the job description for the position held; and

Beyond the Position Description - The candidate should also demonstrate excellence in professional activities beyond the parameters of the job description. The ideal candidate will satisfy the standards in a creative and innovative fashion while demonstrating flexibility and adapt- ability to institutional needs. Consideration should be given to capabilities and accomplishments in the areas of leadership, decision-making and problem-solving. Evidence in this category includes, but is not limited to, professional recognitions, initiation of ideas, development of proposals, and committee activities.


Candidate Background - Candidates must presently be serving in full-time professional service capacities (not necessarily titles) with more than 50 percent of their assignment in non-teaching services. The latter include academic administration, business affairs, student affairs, institutional support technologies, instructional and research support technologies and directors of campus libraries. It is the intent that the Professional Service award be reserved for staff. Full-time faculty (as defined in the eligibility criteria for Faculty Service) are not eligible. In addition, support staff not serving in professional class titles are ineligible for nomination, but are eligible for nomination in the Classified Service Awards category.

Length of Service - Candidates must have completed three academic years of full-time professional service out of the five years in the position for which they are nominated immediately prior to the year of nomination.


  • Individuals serving in the classified services are ineligible for nomination (one indicator: positions paid on an hourly rather than salary basis are generally in the classified services).

  • Please note that for the Community Colleges, individuals serving as heads of divisions (frequently referred to as Deans) may be nominated predicated on their fulfilling the eligibility and selection criteria. However, for this sector, the title “Dean of Instruction” frequently refers to the individual who serves as the head campus academic officer. Where this is the case, the individual may not be nominated.

  • Individuals holding Distinguished Faculty Rank: Distinguished Librarian, Distinguished Professor, Distinguished Service Professor and Distinguished Teaching Professor – may not be nominated for an Excellence Award in any of the categories;

  • Recipients of an Excellence Award may not be nominated for another Excellence Award within a five-year interval;

  • Recipients of an Excellence Award may not be re-nominated for an award in the same category;

  • Individuals holding qualified academic appointments (as defined in SUNY Board of Trustees policies: individuals holding the title of lecturer or titles of academic rank preceded by the designation “visiting” or other similar designations) may not be nominated;

  • The chief campus officer for academic, student, or administrative affairs, or persons serving in these capacities, may not be nominated for an Excellence Award. Therefore, other examples of positions excluded are: the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Executive Vice Chancellors, Associate Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deputy Counsels, Campus Presidents, Campus Provosts, Deputy Provosts, Deputies to the President, Chiefs of Staff, Officers-in-Charge, Vice Presidents and Deans of the College of Ceramics at Alfred University and the New York State Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, of Human Ecology, of Industrial and Labor Relations and of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University are ineligible for nomination;

  • Individuals should not be nominated in the same season for promotion to Distinguished Faculty rank and an Excellence Award in the same category (e.g., an individual should not be nominated for a Distinguished Teaching Professorship and an Excellence in Teaching award); and

  • Under NO circumstances may candidates apply - or self-nominate - for these awards.

Number and frequency of awards:

Nomination allocations for a campus are based on a ratio to FTEs. One nomination allocation shall be allotted for every 5,000 total FTE students on the campus.

Selection process:

Nominating Process: The nomination process/procedure is in two parts: local (MCC) nominations and state level review.


  • Nominations for the award should emanate from the entire college community based on continuing and recognized quality in job performance.

  • The primary selection committee reviews packets and makes its recommendation to the President. The deliberations of the campus committee shall be confidential.

  • Employees may nominate colleagues for this award by submitting a formal nomination letter or memo. It must be printed and signed, then sent to Sandy Warren, Personnel Assistant in Human Resources (Brighton Campus, Building 1, Room 303), by the deadline listed on the main Faculty Senate Chancellors Award Page.

  • Human Resources will notify nominees shortly after the deadline so that the nominee may begin preparing and assembling his/her packet. If they choose to accept the nomination, nominees must submit packets to Sandy Warren by the deadline listed on the main Faculty Senate Chancellors Award Page.

  • Nominations endorsed by the President are forwarded to the State University of New York in care of the Office of the Provost.


  • Nominations for the awards are reviewed for compliance with the SUNY-wide criteria for selection and eligibility.

  • Failure by a campus to comply with the procedures established for the selection of nominees will result in the disqualification of all nominees from that institution.

  • After review, a report will be sent to the Chancellor in the form of recommendations for award.

Required documentation:

Checklist of Packet Materials

  • Coversheet, available here
  • Personal narrative written by nominee describing how he/she excels in meeting each of the award criteria, including superior job performance that exceeds expectations described in the parameters of the job description
  • Up-to-date and moderately detailed vitae
  • Student evaluations (if applicable)
  • Performance appraisals
  • Letters of recommendation (not to exceed 5)
  • Other relevant materials


Eleven (11) copies and one complete set of signed (in blue ink) originals of the nomination packet should be submitted by the nominee. Originals should not be hole-punched or stapled.


All nomination materials must be submitted to Melissa Fingar, room 1 - 303, or Sandy Warren, Room 6 – 301 (Human Resources), by no later than 4 p.m. on (deadline date: see main Chancellor's award page).