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Writing a Taylor Series in Excel

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inactiveTopic Writing a Taylor Series in Excel topic started 5/26/2008; 12:23:45 PM
last post 5/30/2008; 2:23:46 PM
user havtorres@e... - Writing a Taylor Series in Excel  blueArrow
5/26/2008; 12:23:45 PM (reads: 72704, responses: 1)

I'm trying to write a Taylor Series for definite time periods of the monthly inventory charge due to the stock

on hand.  Almost like a amortization calculation, but I believe the Taylor Series will work better.

But I'm unsure how to write the summation as k goes from 1 to 3.  This is an example.

Do you have suggestions?


user Paul Seeburger - Re: Writing a Taylor Series in Excel  blueArrow
5/30/2008; 2:23:46 PM (reads: 80718, responses: 0)


I am really not understanding what you are asking here.  Perhaps you could explain or send an example of what you are trying to do.  Are you sure you want to use a Taylor Series or might you simply want to use summation notation to represent a sum?


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